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Beautiful Traditional Puppets

We are treasure hunters, we travel the world to find these wonderful traditional artisans making these beautiful puppets. All our art is Fair Traded so you can be sure that the talented artisans that we work with are getting a fair deal for their work.

We have a wide range of handmade traditional puppets from around the World. We have Genuine Traditional Handmade Yoke Thé Burmese Marionette Puppets, fabulous Rajasthani Puppets from Jaipur, Wild Nepalese Durga Puppets, rare Wayang Klitik Batik Wood Puppets & the courtly Wayang Golek from the ancient courts of Java.

However as our puppets are all handmade they do go in and out of stock and each puppet  is different so we would advise you to buy one when you see it is in stock as it can take a long time to replenish our stock, and when we do they will be slightly different.

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