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The Ethical Business Guru

  • Got a Great Ethical /Fair Trade Business Idea?
  • Run an Ethical / Fair Trade Business Idea and need some help
  • Lost your way, lost Enthusiasm and need to reboot?
  • Just feel you need somebody to talk to who understands?
  • Need a bit of help and advice from someone who's been there?

  • Then you need to talk to the Ethical Business Guru!

I am the Ethical Guru!

Hi, I'm Peter Harlow, founder of One World is Enough and I am the Ethical Business Guru!  I have  20 years experience of setting up and running fair trade ethical businesses, I also have a degree in Engineering Science and Management from Durham University,so I've been there and I  know my stuff!

This is my story ( in a nutshell!)

I set up One World is Enough back in 1997 after spending a year travelling around Asia. On my travels I met lots of talented artisans making wonderful things but they had no access to Western Markets, so I set up One World is Enough as a vehicle for our producers to sell their lovely stuff in the UK.
We started on Market stalls and then Festival Stalls and we built our first web site when the internet was still young. Since then we've had a small shop , then a bigger shop then we started franchising One World is Enough. 
After the great recession we pulled back from the High Street as rent were too high and people weren't spending. We built up our internet presence and now we sell all over the World from our base in Cambridge. We sell through our own website, and through Amazon and Ebay.
Now that One World is Enough is ticking along nicely my next big project is to set up an ethical business coaching and mentoring programme to help others thinking of starting up an ethical business, or those running small ethical business who would like to talk to someone who has been there, who knows the challenges of developing, running and growing a small business.

Talk to me, I can help!

I want to help you start up and run your ethical business, what ever issues you are having I've probably had them too and I can save you a lot of time, money and heart ache by helping you getting your business up and running and navigate the rough spots.

Don't think about the cost of booking me, think about the cost of not booking me!

The advantages of coaching and mentoring

You may say, I don't need a coach, I'm doing fine on my own, but did you know the most successful businesses have coaches and mentors, just like the most successful sportspeople.
You may say that coaching is a waste of money, but did you know that on average businesses see that their return on investment in coaching is around 6 to 7 times the cost of the coaching, many businesses see much higher returns. 

 I would say to you can you afford not to be coached!

Because if you always do what you've always done, you'll always have what you've always had, in other words if you want to grow your business you'll have to try doing things differently.

Book an hour's Skype Session with me and give your business wings!

    Give me a ring on 01223 606506 ( between 10 and 2 is best)  to talk about how I can help you or click here
to send me an email.  When you are ready click on whatever subject you need help with and book an hour of my time.

It's probably the best investment you'll ever make!

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Start Me Up

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